Our Values



We believe that educational equity is a moral right for all students. We work to build justice through our work in our goals as well as our processes.  



We believe in empathy as critical to our work. Empathy allows us to step into another person’s experience, fosters trust, and enables powerful bonds. 



We believe in continuous learning. We are teachers and therefore learners. We believe that learning is a two-way street and constantly refine our work through what we learn from our partners. Finally, we work to synthesize current research and scholarship so that our partners can engage in continuous learning.



We believe in community. Our work is grounded in the creation of a community as we know that transformation comes through working within a community.



The work of change is challenging. Even the best of us lose sight of what we are working towards when we confront setbacks, indifference, and intransigence. We ground our work in hope that sustains us.