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Our PD Series support school leaders who want to address equity challenges with well-designed professional learning experiences.


How Do the PD Series Work?

We have designed high-quality learning experiences with a strong mix of engaging activities for these Professional Development Series. We provide all of the parts so you can focus on leading your school community in learning and exploring the topics at hand. Each PD series includes:

  • 3 PD sessions that help your learning community build a shared understanding and build their skills to address the topic directly. Participants will also have activities to complete between the sessions to support their learning.

  • Research-based, engaging adult learning materials created for educators by educators.

  • Each session includes a highly detailed session plan complete with additional resources.

  • Prior to each session, school-based facilitator pairs will have a virtual meeting to help prepare them to present the session.

Each PD series costs $1000.

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Bias In Our Practice

Research shows that implicit biases impact all facets of our lives. As educators, it is crucial that we understand how biases work and the impact they can have in our work. This series leads participants through three sessions where they will:

  • Learn the current research on implicit bias and its impact on teaching.

  • Reflect on their own biases.

  • Use video analysis to evaluate classroom instruction for bias.

  • Develop bias safeguards.

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PD SERIES: Discipline & Equity

Throughout our country, students of color are often subjected to exclusionary discipline at disproportionate rates. While many educators recognize a need to change discipline practices, change starts with what we understand and believe about why we discipline our students. This series leads participants through three sessions where they will:

  • Analyze their personal beliefs and assumptions about the purpose of school and the purpose of discipline within school.

  • Reflect on their own experiences with school discipline and racism.

  • Learn about the history of racism, criminalization, and biases in discipline school discipline throughout American History.

  • Analyze school discipline practice(s) for equity in theory and practice.