Our Pilot Module: Bias in our Schools


Research shows us that biases play a role in our actions in every moment of every day.  Given that we often are not from the communities in which we serve, our biases are shaped by media, non-information, and misinformation. This session is designed to train teachers about implicit bias and to facilitate the development of taking action against our biases by creating an initial bias safeguard.

Through reflective exercises, participants in the session will:

  • Learn the current research on implicit bias and its impact on teaching.
  • Reflect on possible biases you may carry.
  • Analyze media for bias related to the community in which you teach.
  • Use video analysis to determine if you are communicating biases in your classroom.
  • Develop bias safeguards.


Each of our session is created with your time in mind. As former educators, we know every minute saved means your work is more sustainable. Every session includes:

  • An email to send to your staff to pre-view the session and explain pre-work.
  • Facilitator’s Internalization Guide with additional resources to build your understanding
  • A Powerpoint presentation that you can adapt to fit your school’s needs and context
  • A facilitation guide with specific language and guide to potential challenges
  • Participant handouts
  • A menu of choices for follow-up

All of our Professional Development Materials are:

  • Engaging, powerful learning experiences.
  • Research-based.
  • Based in best practices in adult learning.


  • An additional session tailor-made for your school's needs around the topic of your choice.

  • A monthly resource and discussion guide for your Leadership Team to learn about a variety of equity topics.