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Through our consulting services, we equip you and your team with the knowledge, will, and skill to confront the challenges of equity within education.



 Consulting Services

In our consulting process, we work with you to build a plan to achieve your goals. From a needs assessment to strategy development, we specialize in examining your vision, organizational culture, and policies and practices through the lens of equity. While many organizations aim to be equitable, few are able to make that a reality. We can help you to plot the course from your current realities to what you envision. We recognize creating sustainable impact will involve all stakeholders. We use best practices to help you design and execute learning experiences that will build your team's capacity to engage with each other and your stakeholders in transformative ways.

Coaching for Individuals

Coaching for Equity is our premier coaching package. This package begins with an analysis and goal-setting process that situates us within your context, your personal journey and your vision. As part of that process, we support you as you reflect on your personal equity journey and examine areas for continued growth. We also look into you roles within your organization's structures to help you find avenues for increasing the equity in your outcomes. From there, we will engage in bimonthly coaching sessions. At some point during the year, we will also conduct a site visit to support your learning in person. Throughout the process, you are in the driver’s seat and we are along for the ride. Using an asset-based approach grounded in the work of Strengths Finder, we help to provide opportunities for reflection and growth. You set the learning goals and guide the process. We work within what works best for you, working to balance the urgency of your growth and results with the space for a learning journey.